Oregon Lawyers Against Hunger

Welcome to 2016 "Lawyers v. Hunger" Food and Fund Drive!

Twenty years ago, the Oregon Food Bank and Oregon Lawyers Against Hunger (OLAH) came together with the belief that no one should be hungry. Since 1997, the Oregon legal community, through OLAH has raised $2.1 million to support Oregon Food Bank through the annual OLAH Food & Fund Drive. This virtual fund drive tool makes it easier than ever to donate and support this vitally important work.

The Oregon Food Bank Network helps 1 in 5 households fend off hunger. Did you know that about one third of those receiving food assistance are children? The Oregon Food Bank Network leads the fight against hunger in Oregon and Clark County, Washington by collecting and distributing food to those in need. Today, because of increased poverty, stagnant wages and unanticipated emergencies among other factors more people seek food assistance than ever before. Hunger hurts families, children, seniors and those who are disabled. Helping people in need is as important as ever.

Fighting hunger is easy with the Virtual Food Drive!

Rally your firm around your efforts to combat hunger. Every $50 donation provides 150 meals for someone in need. Here’s what you do:

  1. Find your Team (Firm).
  2. Make a donation.

Are you a team captain? Here's what you do:

  1. Register your Team (Firm).
  2. Set up your donation page (use our standard template or customize your own).
  3. Set a team goal and get the word out to everyone in your firm!